All students who have not yet graduated high school and have not previously attended another college or university are eligible to be considered for CMU's freshmen scholarships and should apply for admission as freshmen.

Regardless of how many college credits are earned, the following students should apply as incoming freshmen: 

  • Students enrolled in an early/middle college
  • Students who have earned dual enrolled credit before graduating high school
  • Students who have earned an Associate degree before or at the same time as their high school diploma

Students should begin the application for admission approximately one year before they will graduate from high school. For most students, this will be at the beginning of the thirteenth year.

Transferring college credits

The Transfer Simulation tool and Transfer Equivalency tools will allow you to create a scenario to see how your courses taken at other institutions may apply to a specific degree at CMU. This is an unofficial look at how your credits may transfer into CMU. For an official evaluation, submit your official college transcripts with your application for admission.

Our Community College Transfer Agreements detail the requirements for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), as well as the MACRAO Agreement. Select the college you attended to see what will transfer.

Scholarship eligibility

Early/middle college students are eligible for consideration of CMU’s freshmen scholarships. Scholarships are based on high school GPA and test score(s). 


Early/Middle College students, like any first-year students, are required to live on-campus in one of CMU’s residence halls their first two years.