Central Michigan University hosts a series of six interest-specific visit days for high school students and transfers searching for the right college. Gain information from staff, interact with professors and meet other students who share your academic interests at this summer's College Days.

Students who attend one of the College Days programs will have the $35 admissions application fee waived.

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for each event

The programs, the people, and the welcoming environment make these visit days second-to-none. Whether you attend one or all six, you will leave with a sense of direction and a few more tools in your pocket to help navigate your future.

July 15 College of Business Administration Day
July 15 College of Communication and Fine Arts Day
July 22 College of Education and Human Services Day
July 22
College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences Day
July 29 College of Science & Engineering Day
July 29​​College of Health Professions Day

Each College Day includes an opportunity to:

+ Tour CMU's park-like campus
+ Explore facilities specific to your area of study
+ Find out how to apply for admission and what scholarship you are eligible for
+ Learn about new federal processes for filing your FAFSA
Enjoy lunch in a residential restaurant
+ Interact with your future faculty during breakout sessions for specific academic offerings
+ Visit the Student Services Fair to speak with representatives from many university offices, including:

    • Admissions
    • Scholarships & Financial Aid
    • Residence Life
    • Career Services
    • Academic Advising
    • Student Success​​​​