Visiting campus is one of the most important things you can do while searching for the right college. We would like to say “Thanks for visiting!” by waiving your $35 application fee when you attend one of the College Days events in July.  

Here’s how you can apply for free: 

  1. Check-in at College Days
    Choose from six unique events, each centered 
    on a different academic area. Find one you’re passionate about and begin exploring how CMU can help turn your interests into a career. Be sure you check-in at the event so we have an accurate record of your attendance. [More information and registration

  2. Apply for admission
    It doesn’t matter if you apply before the event or after you visit. Simply complete the
     online application at the event, we will match up your attendance with your application and waive the fee. It’s that easy! 

    When you get to the "Final Confirmation" screen, select "By mail" and click the submit button (image below). You can ignore the payment instructions (section 2.a.) on the next page.
College Days graphic​​​​​​​

What if I have already paid the application fee? 

Don’t wor​ry, you will be reimbursed. After the event, we will locate your application and mail you a check for $35.

What if I will be a high school junior?

If you are entering your junior year in high school, we would still love to see your application. We will be unable to make a decision on your admission status until we see a transcript following your junior year, but it won’t hurt to get started now. Your application fee will be waived and we will keep your application on file for next year. ​