Dear Chippewa Friends:

Dave KeilitzWelcome to the Central Michigan University Advancement Board.  The Advancement Board is a group of alumni and friends who work to increase private donor support to CMU.  Central has been a major part of my family for close to sixty years. We have a real passion for our university and like so many others we wish to help in any way we can to make our outstanding school even greater.  I am proud of the thousands of individuals who continually give back in many ways to help us achieve our goal.

Currently, CMU is in the public phase of its Fire Up for Excellence Campaign.  Our financial goal is to raise 100 million dollars.  These funds will be used to support student success here at Central. The Advancement Board members have a key role in this campaign and serve as advisors to the Vice President of Advancement, Heidi Tracy and her team.  All Board members give of their time, talent and treasure.  We are a national research institution and we as Board members are proud to serve and be ambassadors for CMU throughout Michigan, the US and even worldwide.

I greatly appreciate all that the Board does and I'm honored to serve as your chair.  If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member of the Advancement Board, please contact Heidi Tracy at 989-774-7161.

Thank you and Fire Up Chips!
Dave Keilitz