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 About Centralight


​​​Centralight publishes to provide alumni and friends of Central Michigan University a straightforward, accurate and lively view of university programs, people, issues, and events. It seeks to connect and reconnect those with an interest in the life of the university.

Centralight strives to be a thought-provoking, absorbing, personal, attractive, substantive and elevating communications channel for the enjoyment, continuing education, and stimulation of readers. It demonstrates to readers that the university is the sum of its people - from administration to faculty, researchers, alumni, students, and staff.

Centralight is published three times annually by the CMU Alumni Relations Office and mailed to about 25,000 homes across the country, with the fall issue reaching 140,000. If you're not receiving the magazine, consider making a gift to the university. Centralight is mailed to all donors, so your gift to CMU earns you the magazine three times a year.

The CMU staff members who worked on the spring issue of the magazine include:

Executive Editor and Executive Director of Alumni Relations & Development Strategies

Marcie Otteman '87

Cindy Jacobs, '93
(800) 358-6903 ​​​​