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 Executive Team Roles

​​​​​​ALL Board Members

  • Responsible for providing leadership and guidance to all members
  • Responsible for ensuring that FAA upholds its mission and purpose as set down in the FAA Constitution
  • Responsible for ensuring all work and duties of unattended chairs are completed
  • Manage and oversee volunteer committees as needed
  • Responsible for assisting other board members as needed with projects, programs, events, etc.
  • Responsible for managing logistics (space reservations, vendors, volunteer needs, etc.) for programs or events 

 President of Internal Relations

  • Responsible for ensuring that the Future Alumni Association (FAA) follows the regulations set down in the FAA Constitution and upholds the FAA mission statement
  • Responsible for providing the organization and members with leadership and guidance
  • Co-Supervise all FAA Board Members
  • Co-Supervise all FAA meetings, activities, events, and programs
  • Co-Supervise all FAA funds, as received by the Central Michigan University Alumni Association
  • Works with FAA Advisor, other CMU Alumni Staff, and CMU Alumni Board Members
  • Serves as the face of the FAA, promoting and representing the organization on and off campus
  • He/She will attend Alumni Board meetings and other functions
  • Oversee management of Orgsync and member roster
  • Co-Responsible for running all general member meetings
  • Works closely with Secretary, Member Development, and SGA Chair
  • Oversees internal events and relationships of FAA
  • Coordinate all space reservations, meetings and needs with University Center or elsewhere on campus
  • Send/Transmit all official FAA correspondence to members (via email, newsletter, text message, etc.)
  • Distribute welcome email and/or package to new members
  • Help plan and run events​

Vice President of Events

  • Works closely with Public Relations, Spirit & Traditions, and Recruitment
  • Oversees external events and relationships outside of just FAA
  • Co-Responsible for running all general member meetings
  • Send/Transmit all official FAA correspondence to members (via email, newsletter, text message, etc.)
  • Manage Orgsync
  • Manage all planning, logistics, promotion, and execution member events
  • Help Plan and run events
  • Manage involvement with University events
  • Hold office hours at least one hour each week



  • Manage calendar of events for the FAA Board and general membership, volunteer events and socials.
  • Take and make available all meeting minutes on OrgSync
  • Manage OrgSync and member roster
  • Handle and collect money when needed
  • Record meeting and member activity attendance
  • Keep track of member points and ensure that they are up to date for the end of the year drawing

Director of Recruitment/Membership

  • Manage all new member recruitment
  • Recruit and manage the application process for new FAA Members
  • Responsible for scheduling and managing Campus Orientation Fairs (i.e. Mainstage)
  • Manage Weeks of Welcome and other welcome events hosted by FAA
  • Manage communication piece distributed to incoming freshman and transfer students (work with PR)
  • Manage special recruitment events and/or tables as needed based on membership
  • Manage new member orientation process (training, questions, concerns, ideas, etc.)
  • Help attend and present FAA at Spring/Fall Orientations, and Summer Orientations if in Mt. Pleasant
  • Coordinate all new member programming and welcome event
  • Responsible for improving relationships for board and general members
  • Responsible for icebreakers and team building exercises during meetings
  • Manage and oversee member retention, benefits, and incentives
  • Coordinate member retreats and activities
  • Coordinate member philanthropy opportunities 

Director of Public Relations​

  • Manage branding for events, promotions, and other marketing
  • Coordinate the preparation and distribution of all FAA fliers, handouts, newsletters, publications, and other marketing
  • Manage communication piece distributed to incoming freshman and transfer students
  • Manage social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.)
  • Manage all planning, logistics, promotion, and execution member events (With President of External Relations)
  • Promote/Enhance image of FAA on campus (through participation in campus-wide events) and events throughout the community
  • Responsible for taking photos for social media and web design
  • Manage PR for FAA​


Director of Spirit & Traditions

  • Manage all homecoming aspects: parade, float, week of activities, Medallion hunt
  • Get other members involved in homecoming activities
  • Create new traditions or re-invent old traditions on campus
  • Create new ways to spread spirit and pride to students on and off campus (global), and throughout the community (work with Public Relations)
  • Create and plan CMU spirit days, commencement celebrations, Graduation Pinning Ceremony
  • Initiate discussion/brainstorming sessions regarding new initiatives to meet spirit/tradition needs of CMU

Director of Student Giving

  • Coordinates philanthropy events
  • Creates plan for giving back to the community and where we give back to
  • Keeps in contact with other organizations on campus to partner and give back together

SGA Representative

  • Attend all SGA meeting and bring back information discussed at the meeting to General member meeting
  • Be a liaison to the CMU and SGA Community on behalf of the Future Alumni Association
  • Be prepared to present event ideas to SGA for funding purposes