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 Health Professions Residence College Survey



What is the best time of year to have a reunion? Please rate 1-5 (worst-best).
  Low Average High

If the best time of year is the fall, would you like to have a reunion coincide with a football game?

HPRC Event

How likely would you be to come back to an HPRC Dinner or event?
  Low Average High
On a scale of 1-5 

How much would you like for the Alumni Event to be on Homecoming Weekend?
  Low Average High
On a scale of 1-5 

What if this event were a presentation in which various alumni (including yourself) presented information on their respective professional fields to current HPRC students?

At the above said event, would you be willing to set up shadowing opportunities for current HPRC students if they live in or around your respective area of operation?

Would you be willing to pay to attend an alumni event (i.e., the cost of a dinner for you and spouse/guest)?

What kinds of support or incentives would make it more appealing to come to an alumni event?

Other Alumni

Do you have a Facebook account?

Would you be willing to join the HPRC Alumni Facebook group? If so, please provide a current email address we could use to invite you to the group:

Do you stay in contact with other HPRC Alumni?

If the answer to the previous question was yes, would you be willing to reach out to them and invite them to an event?

Tell us about your current status

Please provide your name, year you graduated, and where you are living (town and/or state).


Year Graduated

Current Profession

Where you are living (Town and State)

Would you like to provide a brief testimonial on how your experience in the HPRC impacted your life/professional success?