CREATIVES: 125th CMU Anniversary Young Alumni Exhibition

In honor of the 125th anniversary of Central Michigan University, the University Art Gallery is featuring the work of graduates of the past ten years from the Department of Art and Design. These young artists are making art and design works, teaching, designing, working in museums and galleries, and creating culture.

Clare Benson  2008 BFA Photography

David Birkam 2013 BFA Graphic Design

Meghan Borland 2012 BFA 3-D

Aimee Brasseur 2001 BAA but post baccalauréat 2010-12 photography

Jeremiah Britton 2011 BFA Graphic Design

Kyle Butler 2008 BFA Painting

Kyle Culps 2010 BAA Printmaking

Melissa (Dembinski) Ennis 2012 BAA Ceramics and BS Art Education

Scot Ferguson 2011 BAA Printmaking

Jessica Fowler 2010 BFA Painting

Stephanie Galli 2012 BFA Ceramics

Trevor Grabill  2009 BFA Graphic Design

Tatsuki Hakoyama  2011 BS

Todd Herzberg 2012 BFA Printmaking

Dan Hlivka 2015 BFA Graphic Design

Jessie Hornbrook 2007 BFA Printmaking, Painting and Drawing

Stephanie Jackson 2014 BAA 3D

Kady Jesko 2011 BFA Graphic Design

Benjamin Kelley, 2008 BFA Sculpture

Tisch Mikhail Lewis 2013 BFA 2D

Cayla Lockwood 2010 BFA’s Graphic Design and Printmaking

Shannon (McPhee) Novotny 2008 BFA Painting

Julie Paveglio 2007 BFA Painting

Zach Roszczewski 2012 BFA Graphic Design

Brett Sauve 2013 BAA 3D

Emily Scheffler 2013 BFAs Graphic Design and Printmaking

Katherine Spinella 2008 BFA Painting

Seth Sutton 2010 BFA Ceramics

Eric Thornton 2013 BFA Ceramics

October 13 – November 18, 2017       

         Opening Reception – Friday, October 13, 4-6 pm


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