Dissection - Separating Something into Pieces to Better

Understand It: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Fall 2016 Exhibition

          This art exhibition showcases the work by CMU Department of Art & Design                    candidates: Joshua Elston, Marie Jeffrey and Ifeoluwaloju Zuri for the BFA in Art degree as part of the requirements for their degree.

Main Gallery and West Gallery

December 2 – December 17, 2016

Reception - Saturday, December 3, 2-4 pm

Gallery Talks at 1:00 pm


The Collegiate Art Crisis: Department of Art & Design Fall 2016 BAA/BA/BS Exhibition

            Works by Fall 2016 BAA/BA/BS candidates for graduation from the Department of       Art & Design will be featured: Reid Ardenowski, Jacqueline Bliss, Amanda Brown, Sara Gentz, Samantha Havens, Farah Khan,Cara Lazare, Xuechun Lin, Tim Merkel, Rikku Rice, Hanna Steinmann, Yukun Wang, Yutian Zhou

Main Gallery

December 2 – December 19, 2016

Reception - Saturday, December 3, 2-4 pm    

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