Current Exhibition

Our Fragile Home

January 14 - February 13, 2016

RECEPTION: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 4 - 6 PM ​    

This exhibition is a collaboration between artist Pat Musick and her husband, astronaut, Jerry Carr.

The couple was motivated to do this exhibition in response to an event from 1990.  At that time the United Nations invited 40 astronauts from around the world to attend the Earth Day celebration.  What impressed them was that the astronauts all spoke of seeing the earth from space and being overwhelmed with a love of its beauty and the need to protect this precious blue orb.  Pat Musick remembers “They all used the words - fragile, beauty, protect, sustain, nurture.”  After 20 years the memory of this event motivated Pat to make this body of mixed media artwork assisted by her husband in construction and organizing the touring component.

Main  Galler​y