​​​​Summer 2017 Advising Hours

​Bring an Unofficial Copy of your Transcript to your Appointment!
You can get your academic history off Central Link. Go to My Account, Academic Heading, View my Academic History. You can print from there.

B.A.A. Degree
(Last names A-K) - Ken Jurkiewicz
Moore 313,  774-7278

Office Hours:  No summer hours.
(Last names L-Z) - Kevin Corbett  corbe1kj@cmich.edu
Moore 311,  774-7285 

Office Hours:  No summer hours.

B.S. Degree, B.A. Degree, BCA Minor
Mark Poindexter
Moore 363,  774-1208
Office Hours:   No summer hours.    

Electronic Media Sales Minor​
Amy Sindik
Moore 310,  74-2819
Office Hours:  No summer hours.

B.F.A. Degree and B.S. in Ed Degree
Peter Orlik
Moore 344,  774-7279
Office Hours:  By appointment

Multimedia Design
Aaron Jones
Moore 189, 774-3448      
Office Hours:  By appointment

Cinema Studies Minor
Ken Jurkiewicz
Moore 313,  774-7278
​Office Hours:  No summer hours.

Graduate Program Director
Patty Williamson
Moore 312,  774-2561
Office Hours:  No summer hours.​

Integrated Public Relations
Will Anderson
Moore 308,  774-1546
Office Hours:  No summer hours.