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1. To fully involve advance BCA students in the procedures and environment of broadcasting or related industries.
2. To provide students with the opportunity to refine talents and skills in a professional situation.
3. To integrate full or half-time work experience with the final semester of academic involvement.


1. Junior, senior, or graduate student status at Central Michigan University.
2. Signed BCA major or minor.
3. Grade point average of at least 2.50 for undergraduates, 3.00 for graduate students.
4. School approval. Applicants are carefully reviewed to determine whether the student has satisfactorily completed appropriate course work and participated in relevant co curricular activities. Attitude, ability to work well with others, and interpersonal skills are also considered. Department approval consists of a positive determination by the Internship Director and a nomination statement signed by two BCA faculty members.

Credit Hours

Undergraduate students are eligible for 2-6 credit internships. Graduate students are eligible for 2-3 credit internships only.

Two (2) credit hours: At least 175 hours work experience during a single semester (On average, a minimum of 10-12 hours per week for at least 15 consecutive weeks or part-time during weekends throughout the school year).
Three (3) credit hours: At least 300 hours work experience during a single semester (On average, a minimum of a 20 hours week for 15 consecutive weeks).
Four (4) credit hours: At least 400 hours work experience during a single semester (On average, a minimum of 25-30 hours per week for at least 15 consecutive weeks).
Five (5) credit hours: At least 500 hours work experience during a single semester  (On average, a minimum of 30-35 hours per week for at least 15 weeks).
Six (6) credit hours: At least 600 hours work experience during a single semester (On average, a minimum of a 40 hours week for at least 15 weeks).
NOTE: Only 6 total hours of intern credit may count toward a major and only 3 hours may count toward a minor.  BCA 529 does not satisfy the requirement that at least 6 elective hours in the major must be chose from 400-500 level courses. Students may only register for internship credit during the semester in which the internship is actually worked.


1. Students must first file an application in the BCA office. This must be completed no later than the last two weeks of the term preceding the period of the internship. Normally the department will act on whether to approve the application within two weeks. The application must be accompanied by a transcript and a completed faculty nomination form.

The School of BCA does not maintain records of available internships. Due to the frequency in which they are revised, keeping such records updated is an impossible task. The BCA Internship Director, however, can make recommendation on where students can pursue internships, based on semester and geographic location. Once a student has secured an internship, the student should contact the BCA Internship Director and complete the paperwork necessary to receive academic credit. Once the paperwork is complete, the student will then be given the form necessary to allow them to register for the BCA 529: Electronic Media Internship course.

Some students have already established contacts with stations which are interested in having an intern. In this case, the student should file an application with the School of BCA and, after approval, ask the station supervisor to complete, sign, and return the appropriate section of the application. The student should then contact the Internship Director for the form necessary to allow them to register for BCA 529.

4. Students wishing to get academic credit for an internship in a given semester, but who have not secured an internship placement, should contact the Internship Director and fill out the paperwork they are responsible for before finals week of the semester prior to when they wish to intern. Then, regardless of the date they secure an internship, they will be able to register for academic credit, provided it is still within the semester they listed on their application.


Upon completion of the internship, the student will be assigned a letter grade.  80% of the grade is based on the two evaluations (40% each) submitted by the station supervisor.  The remaining 20% is based on the monthly narrative logs (10%) and the final intern report (10%), which are due via Blackboard by the published date. If the internship extends past the point when grades are due in the Registrar’s Office, a grade of 'Z' (indicating simply that the internship is not yet completed) will be assigned.  If the internship takes place during the last semester of the student's senior year, the final report and logs must be submitted by the posted due dates for those graduating. Graduate students will be assigned a Credit (CR) or No-Credit (NC) grade, based on the aforementioned grading percentages, for internships.


Some stations pay intern and others do not. The matter if compensation is to be negotiated between the station and the student. This is not related to the amount of credit or the grade for the internship.


Because an internship in intended to be the result of a carefully pre-planned experience, no inter credit can be earned in advance of a department-approved application. Not that registration for the internship must be initiated in the BCA office. As is the case for other types of credit, payment is made through the Registrar's Office.

Although the School of BCA adheres strictly to the minimum requirements for internship credit, there is not assumption that every student fulfilling the minimum requirements will be approved for an internship. Our goal is to fill each internship with the most qualified students who will derive the greatest benefit from the specific available position and who will positively represent the School of BCA.

For more information concerning internships, contact
BCA Internship Director Dr. Patty Williamson     Moore 312