Dr. Patty Williamson



* B.A.A. Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Central Michigan University, 1992
* M.A. Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Central Michigan University, 1999
* Ph.D. Mass Media, Michigan State University, 2007


Teaching Profile:

Electronic Media Criticism (BCA 503)
Film Genre Study (BCA 525)
Film Directors (BCA 527)
Theories of Mass Communication (BCA 601)


Administrative and Advising:

BCA Graduate Program Director
Advisor to American Women in Radio and Television

Research Interests:

  • Film and TV criticism and analysis
  • Media censorship and rating systems
  • Gender studies and media representation
  • Reality Television

  • Theories
  • Feminist theory
  • Reactance theory
  • Cultivation theory and mean world effect
  • Self-disclosure
  • Freudian theory

  • Methods
  • Qualitative (except case study and ethnography)
  • Quantitative content analysis

Brief Biography:

* Worked in commercial radio throughout the state of Michigan as an on-air talent from 1989-1999.
* Held several positions at various radio stations including Music Director, News Director, Production Director, Copywriter and Public Service Director.
* Graduate Assistant in CMU's BCA Department , 1997-1999.
* Joined the BCA Department as full-time faculty in August 1999.