Sarah Adams


* B.A.A. in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts (Central Michigan University), 2002
* M.A. in Electronic Media Studies (Central Michigan University) University, 2010

Sarah Adams

Teaching Profile:

* BCA 318: Electronic Media Newswriting
* BCA 311: Electronic Media Copywriting

Research Interest:

*Electronic Media Analysis
*Media and Popular Culture
*Promotion in Non-Profits
*Electronic Media Performance
*Writing for Electronic Media

Brief Biography:

Sarah Adams is an award-winning producer with over 10 years professional broadcast experience. From 2002-2006 she served as a staff television producer for WCMU, developing programming on various topics, including Michigan history, Native American culture, conservation and the arts. Her duties included extensive research, script-writing, interviewing, and managing student reporters. She simultaneously hosted multiple Public Broadcasting specials and on-air fundraisers and also served as an executive producer and reporter for a news magazine called “Inside Central.” Since 2006, Adams has served as WCMU’s Public Relations Coordinator, overseeing all programming promotion and outreach activities for CMU Public Television and CMU Public Radio throughout Michigan.