Film Society
The purposes of this non-profit unincorporated organization are to promote diversity, educational, and cultural awareness through the study, viewing and production of films; furthermore, to offer members special learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom, and to instill a commitment to the highest ideals and principles of students with an intent to pursue a career in, but not limited to, Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts, Theatre, Journalism, Communication, and any other related field. We love movies.
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Last year's President Davis Nixon has stayed on to lead us. Our new Vice President is Erin Woriol, our Secretary is Deanna Johnson, our Promotions Managers are Josh Belliel and Alex Carter, and our SPEC Representative is Cody Williams. We are excited to bring about a revitalization of this organization as well as continued growth of the annual Film Festival, which doubled in attendance this past year. The 2015 Central Michigan International Film Festival will take place February 5-8 and 12-15. Films will be shown in the same locations as last year: CMU Park Library Auditorium and at Celebration Cinema on Pickard Road. For more information on the festival visit We are very excited to return to Chicago this year for our 2nd annual trip to the Chicago International Film Festival. During our meetings, we plan on holding film debates, show many more films than last year, as well as competing in and co-hosting the 48 hour Film Competition. For future information about our screenings, send a request to  to be put on our mailing list.


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The Film Society
119 Moore Hall
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant MI 48859
(989) 774-3851



President                               Cody Williams
Vice President                       Dani Stafford
Secretary                               Alex Carter
SBEC                                      Ashley Carey
Fundraising                           Zach Meyers
Promotions Team                Luke Stanton, Katie Loesel, and Rachel                                                       Riehl  ​