​Adil Abuhaimed

​​Anchor at MBC 1, Dubai
Graduated in 2015 with an M.A. in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts 


I began my BCA coursework at Central Michigan University in August 2013 and completed it in May 2015. I loved and benefited immensely from my academic experiences in the BCA M.A. program, especially when carrying out the media production process. In pursuit of my degree, I completed a variety of projects, such as film productions, and TV and radio pieces. I also learned to do research.  My final research project was titled “Documentary Films Viewed by Saudi Students in the USA.” My research showed me what Saudi students prefer to watch, and gave me knowledge about how to best reach my future audiences. After getting my Master's Degree I went to Dubai and worked as an anchor for MBC 1, which is the most popular Arabic TV channel in the Middle East. Studying at CMU prepared me for a great position in my field. All of my instructors had amazing experience at what they taught, and were always helpful to me and my classmates.