​Pat Johnston​​

​​Radio Talk Show Host - WSGW, Saginaw
Graduated in 2001 with an M.A. in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts 


When I learned about a brand new film assistantship opening in the school of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts back in 1999, I didn’t pass-up the opportunity. I immediately applied for the position, and it’s a decision I’ll forever treasure.

Every class I attended was challenging, yet rewarding. Every professor I had was demanding, yet accessible. I learned how to become a better communicator, writer, and researcher. And thanks to my graduate assistant position, I had suddenly become an authority figure where students counted on me to provide guidance. 

On top of that, I got involved with the student-run radio station where I quickly realized that radio was my true calling. If I hadn’t returned to receive my Master’s, I don’t believe I’d be working in radio today

I currently work at WSGW radio in Saginaw, MI. I’m the sports reporter for the morning drive show, host our Sunday morning show, produce other shows, operate my own blog, and help run our social media outreach. Getting my Master’s in BCA forced me to become a multi-tasker and to actually become pro-active, which precisely describes my current occupation on a daily basis!