Moore Media Records

Moore Media Records is a student-run record label that attempts to improve and cultivate the local music scene by offering a way for local musicians to record, promote and market their music. Moore Music Records offers students a chance to explore the production of music recordings, the cultivation and development of musical talent, and the marketing and promotion of a music product.

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Demo Service

Are you a singer/songwriter? In a band? Need to record your music? Take the next step. Get exposure. Get your music heard.

The Moore Media Records Demo Service offers recording and mixdown time in a real recording studio at an unbeatable price.

  • We use Digidesign ProTools HD - the same recording software and hardware used to record major-label releases.
  • We have a selection of high quality audio microphones and recording gear you won’t find in your friend’s basement studio.

Let the experienced production staff of Moore Media Records make your creative vision a reality.

Our basic demo package includes 4 hours of recording time and 2 hours of mixdown for only $80. Additional time can be purchased at $15/hour.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Colin Bart at

Executive Staff
Chad Roberts                Faculty Advisor                  

Nick Voigt                     Label President                  

Robin Chan           Graduate Student Assistant     

Caneka Davis        Graduate Student Assistant​              ​ 

Ashley Tisdale                  A&R Manager               ​

Gina Heydens                Graphic Design                 

Pat Budeski                Production Engineer                     ​              N/A

Ethan Fitzpatric             Demo Engineer               

Taylor Gross                    Promotions                                 ​


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