NBS_logo.jpgThe National Broadcasting Society is a networking organization that also conducts fundraisers and community service. Through out the semester we set up guest speakers from around the area and also talk to alum around the world via skyp​e. We also set up tours with both TV and Radio stations in Michigan.

2015-2016 meetings are held on Thursdays at 6:30 pm in Moore 101. 

Check out our website at http://www.cmunbs.org/ for updates on guest speakers, tours, and meetings.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook; NBS-AERho-CMU-Chapte,

On our chapter homepage at http://www.cmunbs.org/,

Or on Twitter: @CMUNBS

              NBS E-BOARD            

PRESIDENT                                Catie Goins

                                          VICE-PRESIDENT                        Justin Steward

                                          SECRETARY                                Melanie Palmer

                                          ALUMNI                                      Kaylee Baker

                                          PUBLIC RELATIONS                   Dana Whyte

                                          TREASURER                                Rudi Parker

                                          SOCIAL-HISTORIAN                   Theron Logan

                                          M2D2                                           Austin Woods

                                          SGA REPRESENTATIVE              Connor Devitt ​