​WMHW-FM is composed of Mountain 91.5 and The Beat 101.1. Both student- run radio stations broadcast out of The Jerry Henderson Radio Complex in Central Michigan University's Moore Hall and operate under The School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.

Listen LIVE at www.WMHW.org!

All CMU students are welcome to join WMHW, regardless of major, year, or previous experience. WMHW takes pride in being a teaching/learning station, and there are many ways for students to get involved. 

Aside from on-air DJ shifts and specialty shows, WMHW offers experience in news and sports broadcasting. Weekday news breaks start at 5 o'clock on Mountain 91.5 and 6 o'clock on The Beat 101.1. WMHW Sports provides live, seasonal coverage of CMU Women's Basketball, CMU Baseball and Softball, and Mount Pleasant High School Football.

Off-air experience is also available in traffic (scheduling daily playlists), promotions and social media, underwriting (advertising/sales), and audio production. 

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Mountain 91.5
Facebook: Mountain 91.5
Twitter:  @Mountain915
Studio Line:  (989) 774-3691

The Beat 101.1
Facebook: The Beat 101.1
Twitter: 101_1TheBeat
Studio Line:  (989) 774-1101
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Operations Manager:                      Chad Roberts                       rober2cj@cmich.edu

Asst. Operations Manager:             Morgan Durfee                   durfe1mm@cmich.edu

Station Manager:                              Kyle Fields                           field3k@cmich.edu



91.5 Program Director:                  Emily Tiihonen                        tiiho1ec@cmich.edu   

101.1 Program Director:                  Abby Johnson                         johns49a@cmich.edu    

91.5 Music Director:                        Jeremy Wattie                         watti1ja@cmich.edu 

101.1 Music Director:                        James Spencer                       spenc1jt@cmich.edu

Promotions Director:                      Wesley Heidkamp                 heidk1wp@cmich.edu​    

News Director:                                 Sean Lathrop                      ​   lathr1se@cmich.edu

Sports Director:                               Christian Taylor                     taylo1cp@cmich.edu

Production Director:                          

Traffic Director:                               Ashley Powell-Rhodes          rhode1ae@cmich.edu

Social Media Director:                        ​