​​​​​​The College of Communication and Fine Arts is committed to keeping the working facilities and labs up to date. This gives students the chance to learn the latest technologies and be better prepared for pursuing their chosen careers. Our facilities take students beyond theory and bookwork and place them into an environment that is comparable to what they may encounter on the job.

CCFA maintains several computer based classrooms. Moore 113, Moore 314, Wightman 135, Wightman 149 and Wightman 159.
Wightman 149 and Wightman 158 have regular 'Open Lab' times.​

Wightman 149 Fall 2017

Sunday Dec 10th  12pm  to 11pm  
Monday Dec 11th 7pm  to 11pm  
Tuesday Dec 12th 10am  to   2pm  4pm  to 11pm
Wednesday Dec 13th  2pm  to   8pm  
Thursday Dec 14th  12pm  to   2pm  

Wightman 158 Fall 2017

Sunday Dec 10th  12pm  to 11pm  
Monday Dec 11th 12pm  to 11pm  
Tuesday Dec 12th 11am  to   7pm  
Wednesday Dec 13th 11am  to   8pm  
Thursday Dec 14th 8am  to   5pm  

Labs with Open Times
Wightman 149
Wightman 158

Moore 113
Moore 314
Moore 424
Wightman 135
Wightman 159