​The printmaking area provides a versatile and safe working environment, which is both challenging and supportive.

The printmaking curriculum is structured to give students experience in print techniques, encourage innovative thinking, research, and exploration. Students are simultaneously challenged to broaden their technical, visual, and conceptual development.

Printmaking courses present knowledge and appreciation of the aesthetics and techniques of traditional print media. In addition the curriculum supports investigation aligned with contemporary issues. Students are encouraged to look beyond the studio for inspiration. Incorporating poetry, music, or science into their studio practices, promoting cross-disciplinary work.

Printmaking is a unique medium that is inherently community based. The curriculum encourages this aspect by involving students in national exchange portfolios, workshops, collaborations, exhibitions, and travel to national printmaking conferences.


Silk Screen
Intaglio (traditional etching/imag-on)
Lithography (photo/stone/plate)

Equipment List:

(38) Litho stones of varying size up to 24 x 36

(1) 25” x 52” etching press
(1) 24” x 36” etching press
(1) 27” x 40” litho press

​(1) Silkscreen vacuum exposure unit
(1) Nu-arc exposure unit