​​​​The Department of Art & Design offers world-class art making faciltiies for the contemporary artist working in almost any material. We are constantly updating our equipment and endeavor to support traditional modes of art making as well as offering access the latest technologies available to help create contemporary works in the ever-expanding field of Art. ​


The ceramics studio is comprised of a large hand-building and throwing area, glaze mixing room, clay mixing room, indoor kiln room, and outdoor kiln yard. Equipment includes clay mixers, an artillery of electric and manual throwing wheels, clay extruders, slab rollers, spray booths, balances and scales, ball mill, talisman, and multiple top-of-the-line large capacity electric, gas, raku, soda vapor, and wood fire kilns. Students also have access to a range of 3D printers, a vacuum former, and a CNC router for the creation of their work.​​​​​​​​


Three state of the art computer labs equipped with up to date software, scanners, and printers, access to large format printing, and small print studio that includes a variety bindery equipment​. Also, the Makerbot Innovation Center which houses thirty 3D printers. 


Facilities include 4 open-air studios for classroom instruction of life-drawing, still life, basic and intermediate level painting techniques, and include multimedia resources for slide presentations and the integration of digital technologies. Each student is provided a locker for material storage and BFA students are assigned individual workspace for the development of their projects.


Facilities include two photography studios with a full compliment of lighting equipment, a 21-seat computer lab with up-to-date photo editing software, a traditional darkroom, and a dedicated digital print lab with a range of medium and large format printing capabilities.​


Traditional printmaking instruction includes screen printing, relief, mono-type, intaglio (traditional etching/ImagOn), lithography (photo/stone/plate), and alternative processes. Facilities include an open studio work environment, multiple sized and numbered lithography stones, lithography press, large format etching presses, extensive screen printing materials and equipment, and Nu-arc exposure units.​



Sculpture at CMU includes traditional and contemporary facilities for the creation of sculpture in the expanded field. These facilities are primarliy located in the North Art Studio, as well as some resources in Wightman Hall. The sculpture facilities include:

Professional Wood Shop: 

SawStop Table Saw, Planer, Jointer, Multiple Drill Presses, 2 Full-Size Band Saws, Scroll Saw, 2 Sliding 12" Miter Saws, Belt & Disc Sander, and a full compliment of power hand tools, manual tools, and clamps.  ​

Professional Metal Shop: 

4 MIG Welders, 3 TIG Welders, Plasma Cutter, Oxygen-Acetylene Welding/Cutting, Large Sheet Metal Bending Brake, Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear, Band Saw, Beverly Shear, Finishing Wheel, Sandblasting Cabinet, Bench Grinder, Drill Press, Metal Cut-Off Saw, Horizontal Hydraulic Band Saw, Bar Bender, Buffing and Polishing wheel, Belt and Disc Sander, and a full compliment of power hand tools, manual tools and clamps. 

Full Bronze Foundry: 

Fully-Equipped Mold-Making & Wax Working Shop, Ceramic Shell Investment Area, ​Burnout Kiln, Refractory Furnace, Metal Finishing Area (Welding & Chasing) & Metal Patination Area

Digital Fabrication Studios: 

48"x48" Zenbot CNC Router, the Makerbot Innovation Center which houses 25 MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen 3D Printers​, 5 large-scale Z18 Makerbot Replicators, 75 watt Laser Cutter Universal Laser ILS 12.75 w/24"x48" cutting bed & several Vacuum Formers