Graphic Design

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth projects an almost 20% increase in the number of graphic design jobs in the state by 2012. This trend is echoed by the U.S. Department of Labor which projects a similar growth rate nationally with an even higher job rate increase among those specializing in web design and design animation. The education provided by Central Michigan University’s degree in Graphic Design will prepare you for entry into this expanding field.

CMU offers classes ranging from typography and print design to web design and design animation. It has been at the forefront of contemporary issues relating to socially relevant design, and has placed students in internships across the United States and overseas. Student groups including an active AIGA student chapter. Graduates of our program are employed in all areas of communication design as they serve a variety of industries, institutions and non-profits across the country. Faculty members who are working designers with extensive backgrounds in their respective specializations bring a wealth of practical experience to the studio.

The Graphic Design program at CMU is a competitive entry program and has the largest concentration of students in the Department of Art and Design. CMU’s Graphic Design program emphasizes student development of strong conceptual and problem-solving skills, as well as knowledge of design history and contemporary issues. Students acquire a well-rounded set of technical skills that will serve them in the constantly changing modern job market.

Graphic Design BFA Application and Instructions