Journalism (photojournalism concentration)



Current job:

Photo editor, Sun News
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Currently involved in:

  • National Press Photographers Association
  • Michigan Press Photographers Association

Best part of CMU's journalism program was:

“I loved how flexible the professors were - understanding I was a photojournalism emphasis, but helping me see how I needed to be a great journalist to be a great photojournalist.”

As a CMU student, was involved in:

  • Central Michigan Life
  • Program Board - Started a coffeehouse program to highlight local and student talent
  • Created a yearbook for his dorm as an independent study project

Biggest accomplishment while at CMU:

“Going back to work in my hometown of Saginaw. I've always focused on community journalism wherever I've been. I don't believe the best stories are the high profile ones, but rather the ones that celebrate daily life, the positives and grassroot successes.”


  • 2007 inductee to the CMU Journalism Hall of Fame
  • Distinguished Journalism Alumni Award in 2000
  • Five-time Michigan Press Photographers Association Photographer of the Year
  • Six-time Michigan Understanding Award winner
  • Robert F. Kennedy photojournalism award for outstanding coverage of the disadvantaged


  • Bay City Times
“Falce, Dick VanNostrand and Wes Stafford all spent most of their careers in the same, small town. They taught me the importance of community journalism and that it wasn't all about high profile assignments and getting to the biggest paper the quickest - if ever.”

What he does to be competitive in his field:

“I still believe in basic storytelling and respect for your subjects.”

Suggestion to students interested in the journalism program:

“Remember that it is about storytelling - not about you. Keep up to date with new technology,but remember it's just a tool. Stay current but listen and really hear what your subjects are telling you. Let them tell their story. Be the vehicle.”            ​