Journalism (news editorial concentration)

Best part of CMU’s journalism program:

"The journalism program gives you as many opportunities to learn as possible. Whether in the classroom, at an internship or participating in an extracurricular such as Grand Central magazine and PR Central, you can grow in your skills."

Involved in:

  • Grand Central Magazine
    • Editor-in chief
  • CMU Honors Program

Biggest accomplishment at CMU:

“Becoming the editor-in-chief of Grand Central magazine.

What you do to be competitive your field:

“I make an effort to learn about all facets of journalism. I’m no photographer or videographer but I know those skills will be important in my field, so I work with other students to learn, not only the skills, but how to edit my work.”

Dream career:

“I want to run a magazine for teen and college-age women. It won’t focus on celebrities or sensationalized news, but will focus on the real issues females face at this age.”

Suggestion to students interested in the journalism program:

“Investigate! Find the facts. As a potential journalist, you should naturally want to learn as much as possible. Talk to other students. Talk to faculty. Visit the Grand Central magazine and CM Life offices. Find out if the program is right for you and your goals.” ​