students.jpgCMU’s accredited journalism program has three new majors and two concentrations from which you may choose:

  • Online Journalism Major
  • Photojournalism Major
  • Advertising Major
  • News Editorial Concentration
  • Public Relations Concentration 
All journalism majors and concentrations are taught information gathering, interviewing and editing techniques while they develop skills writing for a variety of media including newspapers, magazines and online publications. Students also are educated in basic photography, media law and ethics.

Online Journalism Major

Students will be introduced to working in new and converged media environments as reporters, feature writers, designers, information gatherers and analysts and editors.

Photojournalism Major

Students will be equipped with the combination of skills and knowledge needed to be successful as photojournalists working in new and converged media environments.

Advertising Major

Students focus on advertising and public relations principles and practices. They take a combination of journalism and marketing classes. They learn to write ad copy, design ads, and evaluate and select media.

News Editorial Concentration

Students gain further experience with in-depth reporting, writing and editing courses.

Public Relations Concentration

Students study public relations principles and practices, public relations writing and case studies.

Journalism majors and minors are expected to be involved in co-curricular activities such as:


These activities provide students with opportunities to develop skills, get real world experience and network.