Faculty/Staff Bios - Teresa Hernandez

hernandez.jpgTeresa Hernández is an Assistant Professor of Journalism. She teaches general journalism classes as well as media photography. Professor Hernández has a background in communications photography as well as in biological sciences. She holds a Master of Arts in photography from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Woman’s University and a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Professor Hernández was a photojournalist at The Grand Rapids Press for nine years where she served as interim bureau chief for six months during that time.

While at The Press, she traveled to Haiti, Mexico and Cuba to work on stories. She speaks French and Spanish fluently, and has recently created a Study Abroad experience in Cusco, Peru, for students at Central Michigan University.

Professor Hernández is interested in visual media and storytelling, which can add multiple dimensions to our view of the world. Her philosophy about teaching and journalism is best reflected in her own words:

"I believe the two greatest activities in life are to learn and to teach. Embedded in all of us is the wisdom of our teachers. With practice and diligence and love for our world, we can bring out that wisdom in ourselves as we help our students find their own wisdom and vision.

Storytelling is an art passed from generation to generation. As journalists, we are entrusted and honored with the stories of others. We become interpreters and transmitters of stories. I believe journalism is a way for us to know and understand our own story simply by listening and documenting the stories of those whose voices go unheard. My primary purpose for telling stories is not to uncover corruption or to create change. I basically believe change will occur only if each one of us connects first with ourselves and then with our humanity. I tell stories because stories are the vehicle to our own memories. The process of storytelling opens our minds and our hearts. That is the natural way to peace."