Photojournalism major Meagan Dullack knows her summer internship with SpringHill Camps proved she has chosen the right career path.

“Being able to enjoy every moment that I spent working and spent holding my camera made the experience so much more valuable to me, because I realized that I chose the right major and future career,” Dullack said.

Dullack, a Wolverine Lake, Mich., senior, spent 11 weeks working more than 65 hours a week as part of the productions team at SpringHill in Evart, Mich. 

“I was exhausted and drained from working long weeks, but I never felt that I wanted to stop taking pictures,” she said.

Dullack said her internship gave her insight into what a job in the photojournalism world would be like.

“I also got to test out the skills I have obtained, so far, and find out what areas I need to improve on,” she said.

She believes her journalism education at CMU prepared her for the internship, as well as a career in photojournalism.

“The program not only focuses on photography and conveying important news and compelling stories through visual images, but I have also found that this major also heavily focuses on strong writing skills, interviewing skills, online journalism, as well as, print journalism skills and multimedia skills,” Dullack said. “With this major, I feel that I am able to succeed in many different areas of the journalism profession.”

In a typical week, she would upload about 1,460 photos, and she provided more than 13,144 photos for the entire summer. She got to shoot a variety of events, including water activities, zip lining and the Crud Wars, a fight in a giant mud pit.

“I got a lot of experience shooting these different events, that I feel like I can go out and shoot any assignment a future editor asks me to shoot and do it with confidence,” Dullack said. “SpringHill gave me the confidence to go out and do my job, my way, and still be able to grow and learn new styles and techniques.”

She often volunteered to take extra photos and cover additional events. She said her willingness to do so was rewarded when she had three of her photos used on SpringHill’s social media sites.

“Doing the extra work, and doing it without complaining, was the most valuable lesson,” Dullack said. “I learned that you never know when you are going to capture a great photo or moment, or when your photos will be recognized. So do the extra work and go the extra mile, and you will reap the benefits in the end.”

SpringHill Camps is a non-profit Christian camp and retreats ministry with locations in both Michigan and Indiana. Dullack said she enjoyed doing what she loved, while sharing Christ’s message with kids from around the country.

“I got the pleasure of capturing amazing moments during the journey these young people took this summer to grow in their faith, and make first-time and renewed commitments to Christ,” she said.

She hopes to do many things with her photojournalism degree, but her ultimate goal is to work as a fashion photographer for a fashion magazine.