Advertising major Jessica Hoppe’s internship at WCFX taught her what a career in marketing will really be like.

Everyone was very welcoming and more than happy to help me where I needed it,” she said. “The workload was challenging, but very helpful for the future. I look at my experience with CFX as an extremely helpful opportunity to get my foot in the door and learn how several parts of the business work.”

Hoppe, a senior from Warren, Mich., worked as a marketing intern at the Mt. Pleasant, Mich., radio station. She had a marketing class taught by the station’s manager Jim Spangenberg, so she asked if he would be willing to hire her.

“He happily welcomed the opportunity and was very flexible when working with me,” she said.

Hoppe said many of the projects she worked on involved programs and techniques she was unfamiliar with, but she learned along the way.

“Jim always encouraged me to use every possible resource and really dive into projects,” she said. “The things that I ended up learning will definitely come in handy in future jobs.”

Her duties included market research, analyzing and utilizing database information, creating surveys, reformatting and updating the projection report and gap report transfer, leading demonstration meetings with the sales team and going on location remotes to promote CFX.

“At first I thought it was going to be a bore and simply just for the credit, but I’m very glad I chose CFX,” Hoppe said. “They challenge you, and Jim was trying to get me into every aspect of the station so I could see how every part worked together.”

Her goal is to work for an advertising agency, and she feels the market research she conducted at CFX relates to the research she would perform at an agency.

“I collaborated with the sales team, also, so I got to see how some negotiating for media selling works, which is a good career choice in an agency,” Hoppe said.

She is grateful for the experience and made several new networking connections in the industry.

Now that her marketing internship is over, she asked if she could stay on and work in the studio side of things.

“I’m not getting credit for staying on as a volunteer intern, but working in the studio is a lot of fun, and learning with everyone is a great time,” Hoppe said. “I would recommend an internship with CFX to anyone who is willing to learn and have a good time doing it.”