"Michigan & Me" is an intensive weeklong visual storytelling workshop rooted in the tradition of Michael Moore's 1989 documentary, "Roger & Me." Students and young professionals will produce socially concerned documentary projects that highlight the trials and successes of those living in central Michigan today. Participants will work closely with visiting photographer and flimmaker, Danny Wilcox Frazier, as well as CMU faculty and Michigan professionals, to create a collection of photographs and videos that speak to the issues facing many throughout Middle America.

David Koch stacks hay along a fence at his home in Shepherd, Mich., on Monday, Oct. 28. David owns goats and horses who consume it daily. He purchases his hay at the Saint Louis Livestock Exchange, located in Saint Louis, Mich. Photo by Emily Mesner

Mecosta Book Gallery in Mecosta, Mich., has over 100,000 books, a lot just piled on top of each other. The bookstore has been in the same location for more than 20 years and the owners, John and Alex Rau, have been booksellers for the past 30 years. Photo by Neil Barris
Steve Neiger and Karen Carpenter enjoy dinner at the Vernon Street Group Home where they live in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. This group home houses residents that are all mentally handicapped. Photo by Kyle Wilson

David Koch retrieves grain to feed his chickens on his farm in Shepherd, Mich., on Oct. 30. Recently, the family received new chickens and a rooster from their son that they will foster until a new pen is built. David and Sherry Koch sell the eggs for $2 per dozen and receive a small income from the eggs. Photo by Emily Mesner

The "Bomb Shelter," located under Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., hosted a Halloween party, where anyone on the streets who found themselves at the door was invited in to dance and party the night away on Oct. 31. Photo by Taryn Wattles
The Beal City football team takes on Clare with a full crowd of fans in Clare, Mich. The Beal City Aggies carry on a long tradition of winning games and bringing the community together on Friday nights in autumn. The final score was a 48-0 victory for Beal. Photo by Shannon Millard

David Koch feeds his goats in Shepherd, Mich., on Oct. 30. The Kochs own four goats which they take care of daily. The goats eat hay, seed and bread. Photo by Emily Mesner

David and Sherry Koch own 20 acres of property in Shepherd, Mich., which is composed mainly of wooded area. They use the area to hunt, cut firewood and store their animals. Photo by Emily Mesner