Advertising major Dillon Provost’s internship with Joey Showroom taught him that connections will help him succeed in the job world.

“It really is all whom you know,” he said. “As bad as it sounds, you can be mediocre in day-to-day tasks, but have great connections, and you could land a job easier, potentially.”

Provost, a Sandusky, Mich., senior, also believes employers appreciate the willingness to step up and get the job done. 

“I had an experience where it was my first day and they asked who could maneuver Manhattan,” he said. “Since I was willing to jump right in, I got to go to the Bloomingdales’ ecommerce (online) location.”

Provost scoured the internet for internship opportunities before a spring break trip to New York City. He chose Joey Showroom, a multi-label showroom that showcases a variety of fashion designers and their work, because of the general environment there.

He got to meet with stylists for photo shoots, re-merchandise the showroom itself, plan for business trips, and also dealt with magazines and celebrities who wanted to borrow new clothes, accessories and jewelry prior to them being available for purchase to the public.

“Each day was its own at Joey Showroom, but I prefer that over the stale option anyway,” Provost said.

He credited his journalism classes, specifically those in InDesign, Photoshop and advertising principles, in helping prepare him for his internship.

“College courses can show you things from a book or a PowerPoint, but real world experience isn’t something so cut and paste,” Provost said. “It’s more or less learn on your feet, and that’s something an internship offers.”

He aspires to be a creative director, and is excited about the opportunity to shape what consumers see and want to purchase.

“My internship dealt a great deal with how we, as promotional type people, need to handle the general public and what we provide to them,” Provost said. “As creative people, we must decide what they would like to see on billboards, purchase in stores and see on their coffee labels. It’s great.”