The Undergraduate Certificate in Social Media is the first multi-disciplinary undergraduate certificate at Central Michigan University.
This certificate is available to main campus, off-campus and online students who want to learn how to use social media tools effectively. 
This undergraduate certificate, 15 credit hours, is available exclusively online and will cover the history, development, benefits, challenges and cultural impact of social media. Students will complete a practicum for integrating social media into an organization. The practicum includes creating a personal portfolio, training materials, a social media policy and a strategic plan for an organization.
   Required Courses (12 hours)
   JRN 105 Social Media in Society
   JRN 250 Social Media Managing the Message
   JRN 370 Social Media Legal and Ethical Issues
   JRN 460 Social Media Practicum, Portfolio and Plan

Electives (3 hours)
Three semester hours to complement the social media certificate. These courses must be chosen in consultation with the program adviser.*

How to enroll: 

Currently enrolled undergraduate students should consult the program adviser before beginning the program to verify eligibility for the Undergraduate Certificate in Social Media. Journalism majors or minors must contact the on-campus Social Media Certificate adviser prior to registering to avoid a conflict with degree requirements.  Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program will be awarded the additional Undergraduate Certificate when they complete their Undergraduate Degree. 

Contact an adviser* and see CMU's off-campus information page.
Three students populations are enrolling in this program. What each should consider is the following:

l. For the on-campus student*

Advising for the certificate will be housed in the certificate's home department (JRN). A student can add the certificate to an existing degree. The courses for the certificate can fulfill a variety of degree requirements or other major/minor requirements if listed by the major/minor adviser. The elective for the certificate is chosen in consultation with the certificate adviser (JRN). The audit for the certificate will be conducted through UAS. It is important to note that accreditation restrictions may increase the amount of graduation credits in JRN. The certificate is awarded at the time of graduation. It will be noted on the CMU transcript.

ll. For the off-campus student*

Advising for the certificate will come from the students assigned off-campus adviser based in SLCM (SAP). If the student resides outside of Michigan, he/she is assigned a CMU Online adviserIzzy Castellon, by phone at (989) 774-2036. The off-campus student adviser will add the certificate to the existing degree by completing the off-campus advising form (similar to the on-campus form). The audit for the certificate will be conducted by the Center Services in ProfEd. The certificate is awarded at the time of graduation. It will be noted on the CMU transcript. For more information visit CMU Off-camp​us & Online.

lll. For the certificate-only student*

Non-degree admission and advising for the certificate will be administered by off-campus Programs. The student will be admitted as a CMU Online Non-Degree Seeking (certificate-only) student. The non-degree seeking student will have a 15 hour hold on their account. Financial aid is NOT available for the non-degree seeking certificate-only student. The certificate-only student should contact the CMU Online adviser, Izzy Castellon at (989) 774-2036.

The certificate-only student will earn the certificate when the final course is completed. It will be noted on the CMU transcript​.
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