Saginaw Chippewa tribe to host event for journalism workshop

Open registration is now closed for Journalism: Digital Discovery, a program for high school students interested in mass communication to explore new skills and ideas. We are, however, creating a waiting list. If you would like to be considered for any slots that come open, please fill out the registration form. The camp will be held on-campus June 24-June 26. The Department of Journalism is pleased to announce that the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe will work with the workshop this year to provide a cultural program. Click here to learn more about and be placed on the waiting list ​for Journalism: Digital Discovery.

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CM Life named college media company of the year

Central Michigan Li​fe’s advertising and public relations departments took top honors at the College Media Business and Advertising Managers conference, March 18-21, in Chicago.

CMBAM recognizes student media for excellence in advertising, marketing, public relations, design and social media. 

CM Life claimed 11 first place awards, seven second place honors and three third place honors. 

First place awards included best student-run agency for the second year in a row, sales representative and public relations or marketing manager.


​Enrollment, retention, graduation, and 

In the spirit of accountability and disclosure, CMU's ACEJMC (Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication)-accredited Department of Journalism is committed to publishing annually its enrollment (Table 1), retention, and graduation information (Table 2) for the public on this website.

Since the 2007-08 academic year​ (AY), 1,031 students have declared a major in the journalism department. Sixty-one percent (N = 632) have persisted as majors. Eighty-one percent (N = 514) of continuing majors have graduated from departmental programs in an average of 2.25 years since signing major. In AY 2014-15, 109 new students, who have signed majors since August 15, 2013, will join 119 continuing majors.

It should be noted that the department serves hundreds of interdisciplinary majors and hundreds of minors, but for purposes of this report, the focus is on declared JRN-designated majors.​