COM Goals

The professional and academic goals for the Communication Area are:

  • to generate an appreciation for and an ability to utilize communication theory appropriate to the students' vocational aspirations and societal needs;
  • to encourage the development of communication skills that help students build and maintain a sense of self-worth, understanding, and self-confidence;
  • to explore the integration of communication theory and skills with other social-science disciplines;
  • to sensitize students to the variety of perspectives and perceptions of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and show the role of communication in creating understanding;
  • to assist students in developing communication competencies that enhance self-directed learning and problem- solving ability;
  • to provide service for the public good;
  • to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate communication skills in applied communication settings;
  • to provide quality education to update and refine the students' knowledge in accordance with their developing needs; and
  • to contribute to the general advancement of knowledge by stimulating and supporting research efforts.
For more information about Communication programs, please call the COM Area Coordinator, Dr. Nancy Buerkel-Rothfuss​ (989-774-3991) or email