TID Goals

The professional and academic goals for the Theatre, Interpretation and Dance Area are:

  • to engage the student in a disciplined exploration of the complex nature of the theatre arts, oral interpretation, and dance;

  • to generate an appreciation for and a scholarly inquiry into the theatre arts, oral interpretation, and dance in the broad context of the arts and humanities;

  • to develop specialized analytical and performance skills appropriate to the student's vocational aspirations and societal needs;

  • to provide a cultural and artistic service to the academic and public communities through the production of selected theatre, oral interpretation, and dance performances and other projects;

  • to provide extensive laboratory experience in all phases of performance and production for theatre, oral interpretation, and dance; and

  • to contribute to the general advancement of knowledge by stimulating and supporting scholarly and creative-artistic research.

    For more information about Theatre, Interpretation, and Dance programs, please call the TID Area Coordinator, Nancy Eddy (989-774-2061) or email eddy1n@cmich.edu​.