​Join us for the fifth annual MUG Communication Conference, Friday, February 23rd!


The fifth annual MUG Communication Conference is set for the afternoon of Friday, February 23, 2018 in Central Michigan University's Moore Hall, and scholars from across the region will present papers for consideration.  We invite you to join us for lively conversation, networking with others who share similar research interests, and to explore options for graduate school. 

The conference takes place in Moore Hall, which is located in the east central portion of the CMU campus in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  Guests should park in lots 33N or 33S.  A map including parking lot locations is available here, and a printable version of the schedule of events is available here.  

2018 MUG Conference Panel Schedule

12:00 PM: Registration in front of Moore Hall Room 105

1:00 PM: Panel One Moore - Hall Room 105

    • Communicating Closet Free: A Look at Deception and Online Dating in the LGBTQ+ Community
      Stacie Keipinger, Central Michigan University

    • Communication of Forgiveness Involving Sexual Abuse
      Rachel Masch, Central Michigan University

    • The role of attachment in sex communication: A review of anxious and avoidant attachment styles
      Jaclyn Shetterly, Eastern Michigan University

2:00 PM: Panel Two - Moore Hall Room 105

    • The Intersection of Faith and Sexual Orientation as it Pertains to Self-Disclosure
      Alexandra Dagens, Central Michigan University
    • Dialogic communication by climate justice activists
      Christine Nyawaga, Wayne State University
    • I am not my hair
      Meredith Smith, Wayne State University
    • Comedy Revolution in Saudi Arabia: Social Change
      Najwa Algarni, Saginaw Valley State University


3:00 PM: Panel Three - Moore Hall Room 105

    • Analyzing Audi's Commercial 'Daughter' by Comparing Two Theoretical Models: Grunig and Hunt's Four Models of Public Relations & Elaboration Likelihood Model
      Laura Salas, Monmouth College
    • Identifying trends in emotionally close mixed-gender sibling relationships
      Jeremy Flood, Saginaw Valley State University
    • Concussions and Crisis: Analyzing Communication by the National Football League Regarding Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
      Tessa Jones, Monmouth College
    • A look at Ronald Reagan's Diplomatic Rhetoric
      Collin Davis, Central Michigan University
    • Attitudes Towards Rules in Lincoln Douglas Debate
      Bainy Scully, Central Michigan University


4:00 PM: Panel Four - Moore Hall Room 105

    • Facebook Official
      Laykin Stone, Central Michigan University
    • Integrative Public Relations major with a communication and leadership minor.
      Katharine Witt, Central Michigan University
    • Miscommunication Between Masculine and Feminine Styles
      Abigail Read, Central Michigan University
    • Social Media During Natural Disasters
      Alaina Kaupa, Central Michigan University

    • Communication and Schizophrenia
      Stephanie Thrush, Central Michigan University


Please direct questions to:
Dr. Joe Packer
Phone: (989) 774-4460