​​​​​​Since 2006, CMU University Theatre has performed 10 productions specifically for students and teachers.  The productions have included a play that was created and written especially for our season, classics that have touched the lives of theatre fans for generations, a play whose script was lost in the chaos of World War 2 and rewritten by CMU faculty and more.  We've presented to students from nearly every grade level from K-12 and to students from private, public and home schools, demonstrating our commitment to the future of theatre and the arts.  

Below is a listing of our productions in date order.  Click the thumbnail for a larger version of the picture.   ​



February 2017

Written by William Shakespeare; Directed by Steve Berglund


Mother Hicks

February 2016

Written by Susan Zeder; Directed by Nancy Eddy ​

The Hundred Dresses -small.jpg
The Hundred Dresses
February 2015

Written by Mary Surface Hall, based on the book by Eleanor Este; Directed by Nancy Eddy 

The Cherry Orchard - small.jpg​​

​The Cherry Orchard

April 2014

Written by Anton Chekhov; Directed by Timothy D. Connors​

​​The Fireflies
April 2013

​​Adapted by Lauren McConnell; Directed by Nancy Eddy

A Midsummer Night's Dream
April 2012
Written by William Shakespeare; Directed by Steven Berglund 

The Wrestling Season
October 2011

Written by Laurie Brooks; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Stone Girls Dreaming
April 2011

Written by Lisa Railsback; Directed by Nancy Eddy

The Chicago Gypsies
February 2010

Written by V. Glasgow Koste; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Permanent Collection
October 2009

Written by Thomas Gibbons; Directed by Steve Berglund 

Crystal Beach
April 2009

Written by Max Bush; Directed by Nancy Eddy

February 2007

Adapted by Jo Roets; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Charolette's Web
January 2006

Written by Joseph Robinette; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Between Land and Sea - A Selkie Myth
April 2006

Written by Laurie Brooks; Directed by Nancy Eddy