​​​​Each year University Theatre presents a mainstage season of six major productions, along with numerous studio theatre productions, typically providing our undergraduate students with over 30 opportunities to gain experience in various aspects of the process, based on their interests and talent.  

Our mainstage productions are faculty-directed and choreographed, and include five theatre productions and a dance concert.  The season usually contains a relatively large-scale musical production, working collaboratively with the CMU School of Music and a Theatre for Young Audiences selection.  We've also established a rotating play selection to ensure that students experience a well rounded foundation from which to grow.

    In addition to the regular season, we host numerous smaller-scale productions each year through our Studio Theatre  program. Students work closely with faculty and staff, using these productions as an opportunity to showcase their own writing project, to gain experience in an area of special interest, to partner with others on a project, or to explore a play they're curious about.  This allows excellent chances to grow, and gain experience in team building and leadership.  

    University Theatre also presents a three-play Summer Theatre season.  Each year, 12 

    to 15 students are hired to form a production company working with faculty and staff directors and designers to present the plays both on-campus and on tour at two additional Michigan venues.  The actor-technicians in the company receive extensive experience in performance and technical production; in addition, up to 6 hours of TAI credit--paid for by CMU--are available to student company members.

    UTD1.jpgDance productions in the University Theatre season are presented by the University Theatre Dance Company, a student company modeled on professional dance companies.  The company also produces an annual student choreography showcase, from which two to three works are selected for inclusion in the annual, mainstage dance concert.  Dance students often present Studio Theatre productions, as well.​

    Guest artists are occasionally brought into the production process in order to bring new insights and exposure to the learning experience.  They include individuals from any number of specialized areas, including costumers, playwrights, teachers of specific dance genres, choreographers and more.  ​​​​​​

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