“Together, as IPR graduates, we strive to redefine alumni”

The Integrative Public Relations alumni association is a constituent chapter of the Central Michigan University Alumni Association chartered in October 2003. All IPR graduates are an automatic member of the IPR Alumni Association. Central Michigan University provides solid programming for all alumni. Many of the IPR alumni participate in general university activities and strive to keep IPR graduates connected with CMU. Through speaking to IPR 101 classes each semester, participating in PRSSA panels, speaking to various classes throughout CCFA and hosting tours, the constituent chapter is a continued connection. Many graduates credit the strong IPR program for their success and participating in the IPR alumni association is a way to give back to the University.

Alumni Network

The board strives to keep IPR Alumni connected by creating a strong network of graduates. Our alumni are our most valuable resource in knowing what is going on in the field. We want to stay in touch, so please send us a note and let us know what you are doing by e-mailing either or one of the officers listed below.

Alumni Board

Abby Dean (Ault), August 2001

Vice President and Membership Chair
Miesha Krueger, May 2002

Jessika Schmidt

Kelly Errer (Jaworski), August 2002

Program Co-Chair
Amanda Bobrovetski (Brannun), August 2002

Program Co-Chair
Eric Lingaur, May 2002

Elections Chair
Heather Hutchins, December 2002

Public Relations Chair
Anne Veltema, December 2002

Board Member at Large
Lisa O’Rourke, December 2001

Board Member at Large
Natalie Scott (Ebig), May 2003

Web Master
Andrew Wheeler, May 2004