The skills and talents of the public relations professional are becoming more and more important to the success of organizations of all kinds, whether it be a multinational manufacturer, a hospital or a local charity. These organizations can exist and thrive only with public understanding and approval. Earning and maintaining public confidence is the role of the public relations practitioner.

Public relations professionals play key roles in identifying, establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships by building positive relationships with the publics it depends on for success. Through Central Michigan's integrative public relations program, you will gain the skills necessary to strategically develop and communicate an organization's messages to a specific audience.

Because organizations of all sizes have found value in keeping the lines of communication with their publics open, and domestic and global competition continues to grow, the job opportunities for public relations specialists are projected to grow faster than other occupations. "MONEY magazine and (2007) rate public relations jobs in the top 20 "Best Jobs in America" with an expected 10-year growth rate of 22.61%.