Media design, Production, and Technology

The Minor in Media Design, Production, and Technology is administered by the Media Design, Production, and Technology Council. This Council consists of a representative of each department participating in the minor, a representative of the college office, and a student representative. Concerns, questions, or suggestions concerning the minor may be directed to any member of the Council, the current membership of which is listed below.

Council Membership

Clark Most, Department of Art
Wightman Hall 223, (989) 774-4280

Aaron Jones, School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
Moore Hall 189, (989) 774-3448

Sean Baker, Department of Journalism
Moore Hall 418, (989) 774-3540

Tony Morelli, Department of Computer Science
Pearce Hall 413, (989) 774-3774

Lesley Withers, Interim Associate Dean, Communication and Fine Arts
Moore Hall 129, (989) 774-1885