Steve Berglund's Show - MAN - Awarded Best Autobiographical Production

United Solo, the world's largest solo theatre festival, recently concluded its 2017 season in New York City, offering 120 stage productions hailing from six continents.  At the festival gala, CMU theatre professor Steve Berglund's one-man show, MAN, was awarded Best Autobiographical Show.

"Outstanding, funny, intelligent, witty and honest," were just a few of the words used to describe the production. MAN is a comic look at the quest for manhood and was previously well received on CMU's campus and in recent Fringe Festivals in Chicago and Indianapolis.

So, how does a man know if he's achieved manhood?  This, reveals Berglund, was the premise of his show. "MAN is an honest journey which addresses the questions of manhood and answers them through storytelling and reliving personal experiences," he continued. "This show shines a comic light on navigating the quest for manhood."

Berglund wrote the script during his CMU sabbatical in the Fall of 2016. Upon his return to campus, he worked with director and fellow theatre professor Jody Price to edit the piece.  Theatre students also played a vital role in this production with Anthony Jones doing the voice-over, an integral piece to the production, and Allie Jackson serving as lighting and sound technician.  

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Additional projects in the works for Professor Berglund include directing Sam Shepard's Fool for Love for CMU University Theatre which will be performed on campus in February, and playing a role in the independent film, Making Time, which will be released in 2019.