The Crescent Duo, founded in 1985, can be heard on White Pine Music and Centaur Records. They perform frequently and have been featured at International Clarinet Association and the National Flute Association Conventions. The Crescent Duo is especially involved in commissioning new works for flute and clarinet, both as a duo and as a member of the Flute Clarinet Duos Consortium.
“Light effervescent music played with tremendous flair and vitality…The stylish, technically expert playing of all the musicians is captured perfectly by the sound engineers. This is far too good a disc to be confined to just a (relatively) few connoisseurs of wind chamber music.” Music Web (UK)
“This is top quality playing with impeccable ensemble and intonation and an immaculate sense of style and polish.” Pan Magazine (Great Britain)
“Ensemble precision and impeccable intonation are a hallmark, as well as beautiful tones and clean articulation…Balance, blend and timbral polish is beautiful. The intricate rhythmic content and technical challenges are played with aplomb…” The Clarinet
“The performances are excellent individually and as an ensemble. Good balance, compatible tone qualities, perfect intonation, and chamber music flexibility are demonstrated throughout. Devotees of woodwind chamber music would appreciate the expertise of the players and the interesting compositions.” The Instrumentalist
“This is an especially demanding program both tonally and rhythmically and the performers were stellar in their approach to the music.” NACWPI Journal
“The Crescent Duo plays the music flawlessly and with such virtuosic skill…” South Central Music Bulletin.
“It is for these three admirable contributions to the neoclassic wind chamber music repertoire that I will return with gratitude to this very nicely played and recorded anthology.” American Record Guide


Flights of Fancy