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Chamichian Endowment Brings St. Lawrence String Quartet to CMU School of Music

            This year's featured guest ensemble for the annual Chamichian Endowment Concert is the St. Lawrence String Quartet. This free concert will be held at 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 25 in Staples Family Concert Hall and is the 23rd Chamichian Endowment Concert at CMU.

Established in 1989, the St. Lawrence String Quartet is comprised of founding member Lesley Robertson, violist, Christopher Costanza, cellist, Geoff Nuttall, violinist, and newest member Mark Fewer, violinist. With a mission to "bring every piece of music to the audience in vivid color, with pronounced communication and teamwork, and great respect to the composer," the quartet is well known for its versatility in delivering pieces of work from Haydn to premiere compositions with the ability to bring its audience to rapt attention across its vast repertoire.

"The St. Lawrence are remarkable not simply for the quality of their music making, exalted as it is, but for the joy they take in the act of connection." – The New Yorker

This year's performance will focus on the traditional side of the quartet's catalogue. The program includes Haydn's String Quartet in C-Major, Op. 76, No. 3 ("Emperor"), Verdi's String Quartet, and Dvorak's String Quartet in C-Major, Op. 61.

This concert was made possible by the Souren L. Chamichian, M.D. Artist in Residency Endowment, which enables the School of Music to offer a free guest artist concert each year. Guests of great acclaim have performed at CMU from across the country and the globe through this endowment. Past artists include: the Juilliard String Quartet in 1997; Concertmaster of The Cleveland Orchestra William Preucil in 2002, Concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra David Kim in 2006, Principal Cellist of the New York Philharmonic Carter Brey in 2011, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players in 2012, and last year's guest artist Robert Chen, concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Mrs. Veha Chamichian, along with her late husband, Dr. Souren L. Chamichian, have been great supporters of the School of Music through both the Souren L. Chamichian, M.D. Artist in Residency Endowment, established in 1991, and the Veha Chamichian Endowment for Orchestral Studies, established in 2010, which supports the orchestra program at CMU by providing orchestral instruments and equipment, scholarships, travel opportunities, and covering other musical expenses.

The family's passion and generosity stems from their life of music. Dr. Souren L. Chamichian played violin for the Midland Symphony Orchestra, their home in Mount Pleasant was built with acoustic considerations, and they often traveled to orchestra concerts in major metropolitan areas. Music was an integral part of their life together and Mrs. Chamichian continues her passion with her continuous generosity toward the School of Music.


This event is free and open to the public and made possible by The Souren L. Chamichian, M.D. Artist in Residency Endowment.



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