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White Pine announces new recording for Fall, 2014

 Neil Mueller.jpg           For the past ten years White Pine Music has been the recording label of Central Michigan University's School of Music.  During that time White Pine has served musicians and listeners by creating high quality recordings and establishing products of unique and scholarly merit.  After nearly a year's absence to the University, White Pine Music will launch its return to the recording scene this fall, featuring a new album from professor of trumpet, Neil Mueller.

Mueller said his recording, which consists of five pieces, are all significant works for trumpet.  "I really liked each piece, and none of them have been recorded previously. Some are from well-known composers, and others from composers who are worthy of being known," Mueller said. "Mainly, I enjoyed them and wanted other people to enjoy them, that's the purposeā€”to create good music."

            Being only his third year at CMU, Mueller said he believes this recording has potential to define his early years at the university. Mueller said White Pine Music gives students a way to listen to his work and possibly attract them to CMU.

            One of the highlights of his recording project Mueller said was being able to work with former teacher and mentor Alan Dean, professor of music at Yale University.

           Still tossing around names for his recording, Mueller said he was considering the name "Re[ve]lation". "When you read it one way it spells, 'relation' because I feel that connection to music to music when I am able to bring it to sound," he said. "Revelation comes from when playing, the composer and performer are revealing something about themselves and telling a story."

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