2015 - 2016 Student Recitals

Student Recital Instruction Form

Student Recital Request Form​

Student Recital Jury Form

Student Recital Recording Form

Recital Policies

Recitals required by degree programs will occur during the fall and spring semesters. Exceptions to this must be granted through petition to the SOM Faculty Council. Be sure to note on the form your year (junior, senior etc.) and degree ( BM, BME etc.).

Performance dates and times in Chamichian Hall follow the general pattern of Friday at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

All recitalists must play recital music for a faculty jury no less than three weeks prior to their intended performance. Recital date requests will be cancelled if recitalists fail to meet this requirement, or do not pass the jury.

Program information must be submitted to Mandie Bignell in the Music Office promptly after passing the jury. You must use Microsoft Word and submit your recital document via e-mail attachment to bigne1m@cmich.edu. DO NOT apply formatting to your document.

The School of Music produces and prints programs for all student recitals, and will print and post eight (4) posters one week prior to each recital in the standard SOM poster template.  Student Recital performances are posted on the SOM Website.

Rehearsal dates cannot be scheduled until you have submitted a completed STUDENT RECITAL JURY FORM. Recitalists may have a maximum of two (2) two-hour rehearsals in preparation for performances in Chamichian Hall; these rehearsals must be scheduled in advance in the main office.

The SOM does not provide staffing for student recital rehearsals in Chamichian or Staples Concert Halls other than audio/visual support if requested and approved in advance.

Specific questions regarding recital staging, e.g. moving instruments on and off stage, should be directed to Mr. Daniel Koefoed, Performance Hall Manager koefo1ds@cmich.edu or 774-1268. Under no circumstances are the concert pianos to be moved on or off stage without staff oversight.

Chamichian Hall seats 108 patrons. Space for wheelchairs can be made available with seven day’s notice to the Performance Hall Manager. Audience members must not sit in the aisles or on the stage.

Recording equipment (video tripods, cameras) used during the performance must not detract from anyone’s enjoyment of the recital. It should not block aisles or exits, or deny anyone seating space. Power cords that cross walkways must be taped down to minimize any tripping hazard. 

Audio Service and Policies

It is the goal of the Audio Production Manager to provide the highest quality recording and audio support services to the faculty and students of the School of Music. This mission involves working creatively with faculty and students to support their artistic development, while providing them with exposure to the audio technology and practices they will encounter in their careers. Priority will be given to supporting the educational activities at the School of Music.

Audio Production Services

Live Performance Recording

  • All major ensemble concerts, studio recitals, area recitals and faculty recitals in the music building recital halls will be recorded. One CD will be held by the audio department, one CD will be provided to the ensemble or studio director, and one CD will be put in the Music Resource Center. Additional copies can be made for the ensemble director or ensemble members for a reasonable fee, subject to copyright laws (see "Duplication" below).
  • Guest artist concerts in the music building recital halls may be recorded at the discretion of the event sponsor if appropriate permission has been granted by the artist. One CD will be put in the Music Resource Center. No copies will be available without permission of the artists and the payment of required royalties.
  • Student recitals in the music building recital halls can be recorded to CD at the request of the student for a fee of $35.00, which may be paid by check or billed to your student account upon submission of your completed recital jury form. The audio department does not retain any materials for student recitals, so the master must be returned when requesting additional copies.
  • Student recitals outside the music building but in the Mount Pleasant area can be recorded for a fee of $75.00, and are subject to the availability of qualified recording personnel. All else is the same as for recitals in the music building.
  • University-related clients outside the School of Music may have recording services made available to them in the music building recital halls as available. These services will be charged at competitive commercial rates. Please contact the Audio Production Manager for rates and details. Audio recording services are not available for persons not affiliated with the University.

Sound Reinforcement

  • A sound reinforcement system is available in the large recital hall. This system will be operated by the audio production manager and designated audio interns, as required. For School of Music-sponsored or -required events, this service will be provided at no charge. For optional and outside events, a nominal fee may be charged. Please notify the Audio Production Manager at least one week in advance so the necessary services can be arranged. Failure to do so may result in the system being unavailable.
  • The small recital hall has a sound system designed for the playback of prerecorded materials. This system is not designed for sound reinforcement. For School of Music-sponsored or -required events, this service will be provided at no charge, as required. For optional and outside events, a nominal fee may be charged. Please notify the Audio Production Manager at least one week in advance so the necessary services can be arranged. Failure to do so may result in the system being unavailable.


  • Audio duplication is available for $12 per CD ordered. Only entire concerts will be duplicated - any selecting of material will be considered session time, and an additional fee of $25 per hour will be charged. All fees for duplication must be paid in advance. No duplication will be done that violates copyright law. See the Audio Production Manager's website for order forms and more information.

Session Recording

  • Demo tape recording sessions are available for a fee of $50.00. The session includes up to 1-1/2 hours of recording time, the selection of the best entire takes, and one finished CD. Additional hours are $25 each. Additional copies are available at the prices listed above (subject to copyright law). No master tapes will be retained by the audio service. Please contact the Audio Production Manager for more information if you have need for these services.
  • Recordings for competition entries will be performed at no charge. A copy of the competition rules on recording must be provided along with your session request. No master tapes will be retained by the audio service. Session request forms are available on the Audio Production Manager's web page.
  • All recording session requests must be approved by the student's major instructor. Fees are payable upon completion of the sessions, and no CDs will be released prior to payment in full.

Audio Support and Education

Faculty and Student Support

  • The Audio Production Manager is available to assist faculty and students with audio related projects. This could include consultation and support in the development of teaching resources, live concert presentation, special recording projects, or other audio related projects. Please plan ahead, as these services will be offered on a time available basis.
  • A Faculty Workroom is available for such tasks as transferring records to CD and making compilation CDs for class playback. Check the Audio website for more information.

Audio Education

  • Audio training will be available to all faculty members that will be using the audio systems in the building upon request. In addition, the Audio Production Manager is available to answer any questions relating to the building's audio systems as they arise. In addition, guidance is available for groups wishing to make and distribute a recording outside of normal ensemble activities.

Audio Facilities and Maintenance

Audio System Maintenance Issues

  • Any audio related needs (beyond the performance recordings outlined above) or equipment problems should be communicated to the audio production manager, either via email to audioreq@cmich.edu or written communication. A routine maintenance schedule is followed for all audio equipment in the School of Music.

Classroom Playback & Recording Systems

  • Each faculty studio has a stereo system that includes an integrated amp/receiver, compact disc player, cassette deck, and speakers. Please report any problems with these systems as soon as you notice them so they can be corrected in a timely fashion.
  • Playback systems are available in all School of Music classrooms, including Herrig Hall. These systems are housed in the teacher's desk and include a turntable (in some rooms), CD player, and cassette deck. The system in room 156 is in a rolling rack in the closet. The system in the Herrig classroom may be unlocked with a key that is available at the Herrig front desk. The system for Chamichian Hall and a mobile system with speakers are available upon request - please contact the Audio Production Manager at least one week in advance.

Procedures and Policies

  • All live performance recording requests are handled as part of the normal event booking procedure. Any schedule changes must be communicated to the Director of Music Events as soon as possible. Any schedule changes less than one week prior to the event may result in the event not being recorded.
  • Only the audio production manager and designated audio staff may use School of Music equipment for recording and sound reinforcement. All usage of this equipment will be in accordance with the guidelines above. Only faculty and teaching assistants may operate classroom stereos.
  • Any audio equipment assigned to a specific room shall remain in that room. All audio equipment in the music building shall remain in the building. Any equipment requests to support CMU ensembles performing outside the music building must be approved in advance by the ensemble director.
  • Audio services will supply all materials used for recording, with appropriate charges when necessary. This allows us to make the best possible recording and to avoid maintenance problems caused by inferior media. Copyright clearances will be required on any recording in order to make it available for duplication. Please contact the Audio Production Manager for more information on obtaining these clearances.