String Auditions


Three octave Major and Minor scales with arpeggios up to 4 sharps and 4 flats by memory.  One Etude, preferably but not limited to any of these following books:  Kreutzer 42 Etudes, Mazas Etudes Op. 36, Rode 24 caprices, Dont 24 Caprices Op. 35.  Two contrasting pieces, preferably one movement of a standard concerto and one movement of Bach Solo Sonatas or Partitas.  Sight Reading.


A prepared solo and/or etude that demonstrates ability. Scales for the prepared piece(s). Sight reading required.


1) Major and minor scales, 4 sharps, 4 flats, 3 octaves.  2) One etude (preferably from the Popper High School of Cello Playing, or by Grutzmacker, Piatti, or Duport).  3) One movement from a Bach Suite. 4) A movement from a concerto or sonata.

Double Bass

Two movements in contrasting styles, preferably one movement from a concerto and one movement from a Sonata or Bach suite. All major and minor scales, 2 octaves. Sight reading required.


Three repertoire pieces, played from memory, one from each of the following: : a movement from a Bach Lute Suite, Cello Suite, or Violin Sonata/Partita; a Classical/Romantic era work from one of the following composers: Sor, Giuliani, Aguado, Legnani, Coste, Mertz, Regondi, or Tarrega; and a modern era work from one of the following composers: Villa Lobos, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Brouwer, or Domeniconi. 

All Diatonic Major and Minor scales, two or three octaves with Segovia, Shearer, or Royal Conservatory Series fingerings. Be prepared to use IM, IA, MA, and IMA right hand finger combinations. 

Giuliani 120 Studies for the Right Hand, op. 1. Prepare to play several arpeggios from this collection with good tone, velocity, and precision. Selections will be chosen at the time of the audition. 

Sight Reading. All students should prepare to sight-read a work at the level of Royal Conservatory grade 4 or higher. Selections will be chosen at the time of the audition.​​​