Woodwind Auditions


All major scales, two octaves; all harmonic or melodic minor scales, two octaves; chromatic scale in full range of the instrument, one or two solo works showing contrast, tonal and technical skill. Sight reading required. Etudes optional.


All major and minor scales (any form); chromatic scale in full range of the instrument; any solo work, concerto, or sonata from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century era. It is not necessary to perform an entire work, but the selection should show both technical and expressive abilities. Memorization is not necessary on prepared piece. Sight reading required.


Chromatic scale through range of instrument, all major and melodic minor scales (E, f, f-sharp, g scales three octaves, all others two octaves); one or more selections (entire piece need not be performed) that demonstrate to best advantage your proficiency in all aspects of clarinet performance. Be sure the selection(s) demonstrate both technical and expressive playing, and include examples of articulation, legato playing, and high notes (examples: concertos by Weber, Stamitz, or Mozart; both a fast and a slow selection from Rose 32 Etudes). Memorization not necessary on prepared piece. Sight reading required. Students must audition on B-flat or A soprano clarinet.


Major, minor, and chromatic scales in full range of the instrument; one prepared piece of your choice. Sight reading required. Jazz improvisation optional.


A prepared solo and/or etude that demonstrates ability. All major and minor scales, two or three octaves; chromatic scale, full range. Sight reading required.


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