A New Beginning

CMU School of Music Ensembles

John Nichol, co-producer, 1998


Alma Mater
Words and Music by Ruth Mavis, ’29
The CMU Concert Choir
Nina Nash-Robertson, conductor

The Fighting Chippewa
Howard Loomis, arranged by Norman C. Dietz
The Chippewa Marching Band
Jack Saunders, director

Walking Tune
Percy Grainger
The Symphonic Wind Ensemble
John E. Williamson, conductor

Yes or No
Wayne Shorter, arranged by Steve Owen
Jazz Lab I
Jack Saunders, director

Michigan Morn
H. Owen Reed
The CMU Concert Choir
Nina Nash-Robertson, conductor

Mack Pittard
CMU Percussion Ensemble
Mack Pittard, conductor
Robert Hohner, director

Shepherds Hey
Percy Grainger, arranged by Elaine Zajac
CMU Saxophone Quartet
John Nichol, director

April Is In My Mistress’ Face
Thomas Morley
The CMU Chamber Singers
Nina Nash-Robertson, conductor

Etude – Tableau
Op. 33 No. 7 in E- flat Major
Sergi Rachmaninoff
Susana Pinto, piano

Suite for Six Trumpets
Dennis Horton
-Allegro con brio

Eugene Gigout
Jason Maurer – Organist

The Sign
Scott Winship
The CMU Flute Choir
Joanna Cowan–White, director

Daybreak Express
Duke Ellington
Central Air Jazz Band
John Nichol, director

Lassus Trombone
Henry Fillmore, arranged by Robert Lindahl
CMU Trombone Ensemble
Robert Lindahl – Director

Back Talk
Harry Breuer, arranged by Richard C. Gipson
The CMU Percussion Ensemble
Robert Hohner, director