Our Mission
We are a community of artists, scholars, students, and educators who advance knowledge through innovative research, enrich lives by exploring the beauty and power of narrative and the arts, and strengthen our communities by engaging issues essential to global citizenship.


Strategic Priorities (goals) Objectives Strategies Measures/metrics

Student Experience

We believe in providing experiences for our students that are connected, meaningful, and relevant.  We attract students and support their success.  


(CMU Imperative I)

Research and Creative Activity

We are committed to supporting innovative scholarship and advancing knowledge.


(CMU Imperative II)


Understanding that the complex problems we are faced with today require the involvement of many perspectives in finding solutions, we position collaboration as a major priority.  We support cross-disciplinary action, building bridges, dissolving silos, and enhancing innovation processes.


(CMU Imperative III)

Public Engagement and External Partnerships

We are committed to creating connections across the region and the state so as to work together in fostering innovation and impact.


(CMU Imperative III)


International Presence

We understand the importance of increasing our engagement in and awareness of our world through student activities, faculty involvement, and accepting the responsibility of our global citizenship.


(CMU Imperative I, II, III)

Increase enrollments, attrac
t quality students

Provide support for curricular choice and student success with goal of graduating in 4 years

Create diverse and relevant student experiences, increasing retention and career preparadness

Seek and hire new tenure track faculty who are committed to research and creative work

Encourage/support new faculty in establishing their scholarship practice

Increase the productivity of tenured and tenure track faculty

Increase the success of securing external funding

Create support for collaborative opportunities beyond unit boundaries

Provide structures and events to assist individuals in finding potential collaborators

Establish ongoing partnerships with other colleges in programs or special projects

Support the growth of interdisciplinary learning, courses and certificates

Identify potential partnerships that match needs, interests, and resourse potential

Join with other organizations that support the same engagement goals

Create relevant projects and partnerships that expand our engagement and impact potential

Develop partnership projects that allow for faculty, student, and external partners to work together in solving problems

Expand internship programs across the college and deepen alumni contacts and relations

Increase international component in CCFA Curriculum and on our campus

Increase student participation in international study and exchanges

Expand faculty participation in international exchanges and research/creative activity 

Created Assistant Dean for Student Engagement position               

Increase recruitment efforts
Reach out to H.S. programs, targeting high achievers

Started Discovery Days and CCFA Student Ambassadors

Create Departmental Recruitment plans

Increase funding for Scholarships to attract top tier students (Grants in Aid)

Hired Success Coach
Hired second CCFA Advisor

Establish Multi-year scheduling of courses

Re-design Curriculum with 120 credit goal unless accreditation requires otherwise

Make Gen Ed. Courses relevant and review UP course offerings

Increase internship and service learning opportunities and support

Increase CCFA related RSO and co-curricular participation

Create undergraduate research opportunities

Set up Dean's Student Advisory Council

Require all final candidates for open positions have strong research agendas

Provide start-up funds to new faculty

Reduce load for first year faculty by one course

Create mentoring program for assistant professors

Provide funds to attend  grant writing workshops

Monitor and adjust work load to ensure that scholarship can thrive

Require up-to-date OFIS reporting and for all funding and RPT applications

Provide environments that support research and creative work,  i.e. secure funding for Studio Space

Provide seed funding, through application for special projects and proposals, and matching funds where needed in grant applications

Increase Grant Applications

Provide staff support for the grant seeking process

Seek development funding to increase or create department/school discretionary support of scholarship

Dedicate space for collaborative efforts, discussions. i.e. Innovation Center

Fund (through a call for proposals process) CCFA projects that include faculty from more than one discipline, students, and an external partner

Develop accessable descriptions of faculty research/creative practice and project descriptions

Produce events that draw various constituiencies together, socially as well as project focused colab labs

Partner with five colleges  - Interdisciplinary Center for Community Health and Wellness

Makerbot 3D printer studio
Develop Maker spaces

Create new certificates/programs that incorporate courses from other colleges across campus

Create a CCFA designator for courses that do not fit or are not a priority in the departments

Appoint a CCFA Leadership Fellow for Public Engagement and External Partnerships

Become a consortium member of Imagining America, attend conferences/meetings

Establish "Creative Action" partner with the Traverse City Film Festival

Establish partnership with Flint Institute of Music and Dance

Participate in the Center for Health and Wellness

Explore Detroit Economic Development possibilities

Fund (through a call for proposals process) CCFA projects that include faculty from more than one discipline, students, and an external partner

Engage with off-campus entities: schools, associations, media, commercial enterprises

Hire a staff person to support internships and/or alumni relations

Develop interactive relationship with professional alumni

Continue to develop robust internship relationships with commercial entities

Establish CCFA Leadership Fellow for International Presence

Establish an international visiting scholars /artists program

Increase/identify funding for student study abroad

Increase opportunities for  international students studying in CCFA

Establish exchanges with International universities

Document activities, noting increase and impact

Record and increase outreach to individual HS student.

Reports from admissions on attendance at any CMU recruitment event

Using data from IR to determine # of top tier students attending CMU/CCFA

Decrease time to graduation,  # from IR

Increase Retention %, from IR
Increase # of student interactions with
Success Coach and academic advisors

Increased number of curricular submissions

Increased enrollment in gen ed courses, service learnig experiences, and internships, and co-curricular participation

Increase in SRCEE participation

All hires will have terminal degree in hand and strong research agendas in place by start date

Annual increase in junior faculty research/creative activity citations, as reported in annual reports and OFIS

Annual increase in tenured faculty research/creative activity citations, as reported in annual reports and OFIS

Reflected via RPT evaluations

Reports from Office of sponsored research will show annual increases in funding amounts awarded

Increase the % of grants per faculty.  Annual reports from departments and schools will reflect increase

Development report from Advancement will show increases annually

Increase in multidisciplinary projects being conducted across the college

Use studies, showing participation

Increase in multidisciplinary programs or proposals from departmental curriculum committees

Document current collaborations, report on contacts and possible partnerships.
Database will be completed by January 2019

Increase in number of off-campus partnerships and collaborations by 25%

Document current internships, and contacts.  Database will be completed by January 2019

Increase number of internships by 25%

Metrics for this area will be found by running updated report on initial databases

Increase # of international events on campus

Increase # of students studying abroad

Increase # of faculty researching and performing abroad