Dr. Lesley A. Withers
Dr. Lesley A. Withers is an interpersonal communication scholar who studies (1) nonverbal and emotional communication, (2) virtual team collaboration, and (3) online social support, and (4) the "dark side" or aversive aspects of interpersonal relationships. She has authored manuscripts that have been published in outlets such as Personality and Individual Differences, the Journal of Applied Communication Research, Western Journal of Communication, Connexions, Human Communication, and the Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences.

Brandan Bilski
Assistant Director

Brandan Bilski is the Assistant Director of CMU’s Presentation Skills Center. He is also a first year Graduate Assistant in pursuit of a Master's in Communication. He hails from Grand Valley State University (located in his home town Grand Rapids) where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. While at GVSU, Brandan spent three years with the Speech Lab as Student Director consulting with students, training new speech consultants, and giving workshops on effective public speaking. He has had a passion for speaking and communication since he was a young national policy debater in high school and has coached policy debate for more than five years. His scholarly focus surrounds the philosophy of education, dialogic communication, and rhetoric.

Brendan Barrow
Meet Brendan Barrow! He is a junior here at Central Michigan University and is double majoring in Communication and Political Science, and minoring in Leadership. Brendan excels in public speaking, specifically with speeches of commencement or speeches designed to inform. Brendan in involved with intramural and club sports, leadership safari, and Greek life at CMU. In his free time, Brendan enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing sports and being active, weightlifting, and watching movies. He is easy to talk to, and would love to help anyone who feels they may need assistance with presentations this semester.

Carly Densmore
Carly Densmore is a senior at CMU and is graduating in May of 2018. She is a communication major with a marketing minor. Carly has taken all of the required courses for the communication major which will help her when working in the PSC. Within her RSO, job on campus, and in life in general, she has had to use her learned communication skills in order to be successful. Carly is very excited to work with students to develop and help their overall presentation materials and skills.

Alfred Henley
Alfred Henley is a senior here at Central Michigan University who majors in Communication with a minor in Journalism. Alfred has had a lot of experience with successfully presenting speeches and working with others because of classes like COM 401: Capstone in Communication, COM 353: Small Group Communication, and COM 357: Public Speaking.

Roberto Herrera
Roberto Herrera is a senior at Central Michigan University who is currently studying Psychology with a minor in Communication. He has a strong background in communication skills, including two years of Youth in Government in high school, taking electives that focus on clinical interviewing and classroom communication.

Alyx Johnson
Alyx Johnson is a senior who will graduate in May of this year. She majors in Communication with a double minor in Leadership and Youth Studies. Alyx has had the privilege of taking most of the key Communication classes, including COM 100, COM 101, COM 251, COM 301, COM 353, COM 357, COM 361, and COM 461, with COM 251: Communication Theory, and COM 361: Interpersonal Communication being her favorite classes. This semester she is enrolled in COM 401, COM 495, and COM 523 which will complete her coursework in the major. With having taken so many classes within the major, Alyx prides herself on being a great communicator, speech writer, and presenter. She’s definitely a people person who has a passion for public speaking. When asked what will make her successful in this position, she said, “I believe that my past experiences in the various classes and in internships that I’ve had in the past involving communication will give me the necessary resources I need to be an effective communication consultant in the new speech facilities.”

Nathan Mason
Nathan Mason is in his final semester here at Central Michigan University, graduating in May with a major in Communication and a minor in Leadership. In his time at Central, he has been a member of the CMU Coed cheer team as well as been a member of the equipment staff for the football team. Nathan decided to pursue his passion for speaking by declaring his major in Communication. Although struggling with confidence initially, Nathan grew as a speaker by taking several Communication classes and is now comfortable speaking in front of groups. Nathan enjoys motivating students to step outside their comfort zone and trying different styles of delivery. Nathan's favorite kind of public speaking is informative speeches. He feels that when giving an informative speech, you give others the opportunity to learn about something new.

Danielle Muench
Danielle Muench is a junior studying Integrative Public Relations. Before beginning her adventures at CMU, Danielle spent more than 10 years performing at her local community theatre, as well as student directing and stage managing. She knows firsthand that there are always nerves leading up to a performance. To quote Beyoncé, "It's healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care - that you work hard and want to give a great performance." Fire up Chips!

Jen Perkins
Jen Perkins is in her fourth year here at Central Michigan University. She is a Public Relations major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time, Jen likes to spend time with her friends as well as watch Netflix and go on hikes. Jen is a fun loving, nice girl who would love to help you with your presentation!

Jordyn Salerno
Jordyn Salerno is a senior pursuing a degree in Communication with minors in Leadership and Leadership in Student Affairs. Within her communication degree, she has excelled in courses such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, political communication, and debate. On top of her academic preparation, she has had many different experiences and involvements on campus that have prepared her to be an effective communication consultant such as working in the Leadership Institute, presenting at various leadership programs and campus events; ashe also has experience with advising and working 1:1 with students in various areas such as Residence Life, Greek life, and academic orientation. She has a passion for working with students and is excited to meet with clients in the Presentation Skills Center.

Abby Schmidt
Abby Schmidt is a junior at Central Michigan University. Her major is Communication and her minors are Sales and Leadership. Abby is involved in Greek life and volunteers in the Mary Ellen Brandell center as a Lunch Buddy.

Taela Sigman
Taela Sigman is a senior at CMU getting ready to graduate in May. She is majoring in communication and minoring in marketing. Taela loves to meet new people and to work in teams. She currently runs the marketing team for JoyRun here on campus, and loves working with the team on their marketing and presentation skills.

Julia Smail
Julia Smail is a sophomore at Central Michigan University. Her hometown is Clarkston, Michigan. Her major is Communication and her minors are Sales and Leadership. Julia enjoys the outdoors and visiting Walt Disney World. Julia is in Greek life on campus and is the Vice President of Communications. She has been on an Alternative Break and had a summer internship at International Automotive Components.

Jamie Smet
Jamie Smet is a senior Broadcast and Cinematic Arts major and a Communication minor. She has experience with both on air performance and public speaking. Her background in theater gives her a unique set of public speaking skills. Jamie is excited to have the opportunity to share her skills at the Presentation Skills Center.

Laykin Stone
Laykin Stone is a junior at Central Michigan University, studying communication, with a minor in both business and public affairs. She moved from Deckerville, Michigan, a small town in the thumb, to further her education. On her free time, she loves to travel. Her most recent trip was to Norway, where she discovered her love for hiking. She is excited to further her education and see where communication can take her.

Stephanie Thrush
Stephanie Thrush is a junior at Central Michigan University. She is an undergraduate from Grand Ledge, Michigan with a double major in Communication and Broadcasting. She has taken several communication classes, including Communication and Society, Speech, Public Speaking, Group Communication, Gender Communication, Foundations of Communication Theory, Interpersonal Communication, and Survey of Research in Communication.

Mitchell Wekwert
Mitchell Wekwert is a Junior at Central Michigan university, majoring in Communication with minors in English and Leadership. Mitchell has taken notable speech competency classes like COM 357: Public Speaking and TAI 170: Oral Interpretation of Literature. Mitchell was also a Leadership Safari Guide in 2016 and 2017, which gives him the ability to connect with others well and be very personable in conversation.

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson is a Senior student majoring in Communication at CMU. In his time here, he has taken every major communication course required to graduate, including COM 101, COM 301WI, and COM 401. After graduation, he plans to enroll in a graduate program to earn a Master’s degree in Communication.